Jim McHugh Releases New Single Hey Jimbo

March 26th see’s the release of the third single from Jim McHugh’s highly anticipated forthcoming album Pretending To Wake Up. The multi-instrumentalist and talented vocalist who hails from Co. Monaghan, has yet again dug into his folk songbook for the release of his new single Hey Jimbo.

Beginning with an energetic rock drum groove, this song builds with layers of crunchy guitars and a tight bass line. Hey Jimbo is the type of tune that forces your foot to sway & bop. The chorus is so playful and fun. It will burrow away into your memory and find a nice comfortable spot to stay. In the second verse we are greeted by the addition of a brass section, which adds extra colour to the mix. The lyrical content throughout Hey Jimbo is a tribute to that old familiar battle of unrequited love. The external torment of being so overwhelmingly attracted to “her” and being pegged back by the ever so agonising truth that this love is not mutual. The child within me gives a nod to the memories of all my rock n roll introductions with a tone that is so nicely rich and luscious. This track has not only been beautifully recorded, mixed and mastered but has every potential to become a rock n roll classic. 

Check it out Below

Pre-Save Jim McHugh’s new album Pretending To Wake Up here

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