New Releases -Kozak DeMars-Shine Your Light

Kozak DeMars is about as close as you can get to a modern-day Renaissance man not only has, he achieved success as the Project Manager & Creator of DeMars Entertainment, but he is, furthermore, a skilled journalist and artist. Drawing inspiration from the emotional and mental challenges of the pandemic, DeMars has just released his new single Shine Your Light. An open letter of hope and light to anyone struggling during COVID-19 Shine Your Light is an upbeat electro pop anthem that perfectly captures Kozak DeMars boundless energy and positivity.

 An irresistible synth hook glides us into the track as it builds into a danceable club anthem. Booming bouncing beats lift the vibration of the record as Kozak’s popesque vocal melody steers us into an infectious chorus that has a groovy summer vibe. With a stunning music video that was created by Kozak with the help of David DugganKozak DeMars has produced an impressive feelgood anthem that is a well-needed shot of pop positivity!

Check it out now on all streaming platforms or press the big play above.

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