Kid Apollo Releases His Captivating New Single Shameless

Launching his solo career in 2020 Derry based songwriter Kid Apollo has emerged from his bedroom with a new intriguing blend of sounds and genres crafting his own musically diverse sound. Following the successful release of his E.P Nocturne in December 2020, the artist has evolved his style yet again with his new earthy downtempo single Shameless.

Inspired by Damon Albarn and Sufjan Stevens, the most recent instalment from Kid Apollo is a richly textured track that seeps with contemplation and a laid-back atmosphere. Weaving together a jungle of soft warm strings that glide over an R&B style beat the artist has produced a unique juxtaposition between genres exaggerating feelings of sadness and nostalgia. With his poetic lyrics delving into a time before Covid, the indie folk artist takes an over romanticised view on the freedom and the simplicity of going out with friends. His smooth monotone vocal delivery oozes melancholia, adding an exasperated tone to the otherwise warm and plush instrumentation of the track.

Shameless is a captivating track that not only showcases the lush musicianship of Kid Apollo but fully embodies his immersive ingenious style.

Check it out now!

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