New Releases-Nathan Cassidy-DragonFly

Hailing from Bundoran Co Donegal Folk/Indie artist Nathan Cassidy has just released his new single Dragonfly. With a broad range of influences including Ryan O’Shaughnessy, Cian Ducrot and Brad Heidi. Nathan has blended the musical tones and textures of his musical inspirations to document the emotional narrative and atmosphere of his life.

Released on March 12th, DragonFly is an upbeat track that bursts with new love and positivity. This is a catchy track with no frills or airs and graces. Nathan’s simple chord progressions create a steady upbeat-tempo that maintains the breezy feel good atmosphere of the track. . Whilst seeming simple Cassidy’s lyrics are a metaphor for the happiness, love and growth that comes with relationships.

Although Nathan Cassidy still has a way to go with songwriting and production, DragonFly is a good instalment from an artist that’s continuously growing and learning

Check it out below!

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