Indie Rock Trio Plastic Cowboys Release Splinter

After the release of their indie-rock single ‘None Like You’ in December, Irish Rock Trio Plastic Cowboys have returned with their upcoming EP Splinter. Focusing much of the pandemic on writing and honing their production skills. The trio have shaped their sound into a fusion of grunge, punk, and alternative rock. Addressing issues like mental health, escapism and hangovers the trio have created an E.P that’s drenched with riff heavy guitars and a touch of fuzz.
Armed with a Lo-Fi Garage Rock sound, Plastic Cowboys open Splinter with Those Damn Lights. This is a dirty fuzz drenched guitar driven track backed by a swirling bassline and a driving rhythm that charges its way throughout the tune. Ciaran McGann’s raw, strong edged vocals add a hint of grittiness to this unpolished gem that brims with pent up energy.
Storehouse gives Splinter a more melodic sound with Plastic Cowboys kicking this track out in just over two minutes. A hooky guitar riff begins the track, supported by a nifty prominent bass riff that easily glides around McGann’s raspy vocal melody. A great catchy track with an organic sound.
Molly brilliantly captures the witty, dynamic energy of the band. A simple track with a raw messy sound Plastic Cowboys jam together layers of gritty guitars with a cranked-up bassline and a dynamic upbeat tempo. With Molly they effortlessly deliver a tongue-in-cheek rock track that undoubtedly has a sound reminiscent of The Clash.

Ending with None Like You, Plastic Cowboys shift somewhat away from the rawness of the E.P’s earlier tracks with a sweeping production and an irresistible hooky chorus that’s impossible not to sing-along too. This is an excellent track with a dreamy anthemic indie rock vibe that lyrically carries an introspective tone. Taking a fresh approach to Garage Rock Revival, Splinter is a great guitar fuelled E.P that’s laden with Plastic Cowboys unique energetic brew.

 Released on March 12th you can Pre-Save it now here!

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