Galway Artist Derek Ellard Releases New Single The Lake

Following the release of Heavy Metals in November, Indie Folk artist Derek Ellard has thankfully returned with the release of his fifth single The Lake. Taking inspiration from Frightened Rabbit, Joshua Burnside and The Frames, the songwriter has created a candid folk-rock track that blends together a cacophony of organic textures and tones.

Released on March 5th, The Lake is an alternative folk-rock track that oozes ambience. 
With a hazy waltzing tempo, this track builds round layers of atmospheric guitar tones and a shuffling percussion arrangement that launches you into a dreamy rhythmic realm. This mesmerising wall of sound doesn’t take away from the track’s premise of grief and love, deportation and regret. Derek uses his voice perfectly to match the melancholic theme of the track with his sombre vocals dribbling with dreamy, emotional weariness.

With The Lake, Derek Ellard has polished his songwriting skills, developing a knack for creating dreamy soundscapes with a dusting of despair. A flawless five-minute track that ripples with emotion.

Check it below.

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