After Bliss Resurface With New Single Kiss & Tell

Fresh from the release of their debut single Until Sunrise in November Dublin band After Bliss have resurfaced from their fortress with another blast of melodic rock. Released on February 19th, the group’s latest single Kiss & Tell is an indie pop gem with deep undertones. Crafting a track that bears a polished organic sound, Kiss & Tell feeds off a barrage of thunderous drums and a fat melodic bassline that carries the instantly accessible vocal melody. 

Alex Burcea’s tasteful lead guitar work is slickly fused around a melodious flurry of synths with After Bliss’s rock influences oozing through the smooth sound production. Kiss & Tell maintains a punchier edge to it than the uplifting Until Sunrise, with the Dublin group slightly steering away from the anthemic rock tones of their November debut.

With this track, the group have produced a magnetic edgy sound that is not only a testament to the quality of the band’s songwriting but a refreshingly thrilling single.

On a final note you can finally get to see After Bliss live Upstairs in Whelan’s on Friday, 9th July. Tickets are on sale from Monday, 15th February. More info here

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