SomeRiseSomeFall feat. Anna Mitchell Cover Funny Time Of Year

 SomeRiseSomeFall is an eclectic community of artists and creatives who have come together to reinterpret and reimagine a collection of tracks varying from The Grateful Dead to Beth Gibbons. They have pulled together a wide range of musicians including John Blek, Rowan, Anna Mitchell, Kevin Herron, Marlene Enright and producer Brian Casey, videographer Allie Glynn and artist Riona NI Riagain with the aim to interpret & reimagine songs for a unique new album.

To preview their upcoming album, the group will release their first single Funny Time of The Year on January 29th with all proceeds going towards Cork Simon Community. Recorded by Anna Mitchell & Band at Wavefield Studios, Funny Time of The Year is a unique cover of Beth Gibbons ode to heartbreak. Mitchell puts her own stamp on this track, blending her trademark Americana sound with warm acoustic tones and a lush melodic percussion, that still maintains the rhythmically hypnotising sound and rawness of the original. SomeRiseSomeFall have created a stunningly poignant update that’s an absolute treat for the ears.

The brainchild of Michael Fitzgerald of FITZZ Records, No Simple Highway, will be released on February 26th with this album examining the complexity of grief, loss and love.

Check out Funny Time of Year below

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