New Releases: Natalie Grace-Go For Gold

Natalie Grace has returned with her second single Go for Gold. The 22-year-old singer songwriter completed her training as backing vocalist for 80s band Modern Romance with the songstress setting off to pursue her dream as a solo artist releasing her debut single Ask you One Thing in 2020.

2021 promises to be a big year for the London based artist who is scheduled to release her second single Go for Gold on January 19th.Taking inspiration from Demi Lovato, Aretha Franklin and Jocelyn Brown,Natalie Grace has created a track that swirls together a mixture of pop and soul with a hint of melodrama.

 Putting a modern twist on the big band sound Go for Gold is a stunning power ballad that builds around an electronic whirlpool of synths and beats. With the lyrics delving into the balance of relationships with success,Natalie’s poetic lyrics add a weight and depth to the track’s subject that is beautifully cemented together with a booming and tender vocal melody.

 It’s hard not to be drawn into the cinematic sound of Go for Gold, bouncing between melodic and melancholic tones with an effortless catchy chorus that lingers long in the memory, this track really emobodies a radio worthy sound.

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