Echoviolet Release City Of Impunity

Formed in 2019 indie rock band Echoviolet have fused together their influences of the raw garage-esque sounds of the White Stripes with the soaring rock melodies of Pink Floyd and Radiohead. Having been accepted into the prestigious MAS Records Artist Development Programme, the Bradford band are set to release their new single City of Impunity on December 18th. The first single from the band’s forthcoming project carries a heavier, darker tone compared to the alternative raw sound of Echoviolet’s previous single Hint released in 2019.

City of Impunity has a gritty 80s dark wave sound to it driven by a meaty bassline and a unique rhythm that only serves to intensify the moody atmospheric sound of the track. James Whitley’s monotone catchy vocals glide above the dark musical arrangement with the soaring guitar hook adding an extra oomph to the ominous tones and textures that rumble through the track creating an apocalyptic sound scape that immerses you in the murky undercurrent of a city on the edge.

A wonderfully dark and dynamic track with a cinematic feel to it Echoviolet have found the perfect balance between mainstream and alternative rock creating a track infused with an electric tension that easily keeps the listener engaged. 

Check it now on all music platforms

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