After Bliss Release Debut Single Until Sunrise

Now and then the stars align in the chooniverse and something magical happens. This week’s celestial event has brought on one of those freak occurrences with the release of the exciting debut single Until Sunrise, from Waterford band After Bliss. Formed in 2019, the long-awaited debut single from the melodic rockers is the perfect concoction of their rock-pop influences combining the crisp rock sound of The Manic Street Preachers with the trademark melancholic tone of Muse. Having spent the last 18 months polishing up their sound to create a style that is uniquely theirs, the band recorded their debut rock anthem at the prestigious Windmill Lane under the guidance of producer Alan Kelly.

Until Sunrise captures the best elements of the indie rock sound that After Bliss has been striving to create. Knitting together a melodic style guitar riff with a dynamic drumbeat and simple bassline that still demands your attention, the track perfectly encapsulates the bands sound with its instantly appealing melody. Perching on top of this tight structure are frontman Evan Cassidy’s high-octane vocals which deliver a memorable vocal melody that makes it hard not to enjoy the polished commercial arrangement that After Bliss went for.

An uplifting rock anthem that is lyrically and musically refreshing, Until Sunrise is available now on all streaming platforms.

Have a blast of this great track below.

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