Lachlan Releases New Single This Ship Will Sink

After the release of his anthemic summer single LAX in August, Edinburgh based singer songwriter Lachlan has returned with a third single from his successful solo project. Released on November 20th This Ship Will Sink carries on Lachlan’s fresh and dynamic take on the alternative rock genre. Like its predecessor LAX, This Ship Will Sink is an absorbing track that opens with a catchy guitar hook that gradually builds around a syncopated rhythm. Lachlan’s vocal melody has an almost soft-focus sound to it that adds a warmth to his melancholic lyrics, bringing a depth and tenderness to the tone of the track.

This Ship Will Sink is another memorable track from Lachlan’s solo project with its sing a long chorus brooding vocals and infectious guitar riffs it’s hard to believe that a track this good was recorded at home. With a simplistic approach to his songwriting, nothing ever seems forced with Lachlan’s flair for creating compelling radio friendly tracks that burst with energy. Released on all streaming platforms from November 20th This Ship Will Sink is the balm you need to get through the winter.

Check it out below.

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