Auld Spells Psychedelic Reign Continues With New Single Dead Gurl

Following the release of their hypnotic single The Moon in October, Edinburgh-based five-piece Auld Spells continue their reign of psychedelic dream pop with their fourth single Dead Gurl.

A superb track with a mysterious, ominous undercurrent to it, Dead Gurl, is three minutes of gloom rock combined with dreamy pop undertones, fizzing guitars and the subtle sound of a Hammond organ. Tommy Danbury’s sedate baritone vocals tell the melancholic tale of the destructive side of adolescence with Auld Spells poetic lyrics reflecting the recklessness of youth flirting with danger.

The detached delivery of the vocals contrasts perfectly with the hazy warm tones of the reverb-soaked guitar riffs and hypnotic rhythmic patterns that have been mellifluously mixed to create an unsettling atmosphere. With a sound that is almost reminiscent of The Jesus and Mary Chain, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds coupled with the murky surrealism Angelo Badalamenti Auld Spells have delivered a dark pop track with an effortlessly catchy air about it.

Auld Spells will be treating us with a song a month for the foreseeable future with their next single 14th Floor, scheduled for release on November 27th. 
In the meantime, check out the video directed by L.A artist Sydney Mills below.

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