Kill ’Em Charlie Release I Hope This Works for You (Cause It Does for Me)

Joining the new pedigree of Irish Indie Rock is the reimagined Kill ’Em Charlie. The 5-piece band who hail from Tipperary release their debut E. P I Hope This Works for You (Cause It Does for Me) on October 30th. With Influences ranging from Green Day to Nirvana, they have incorporated this raw, aggressive, and edgy mix into a powerful whirlwind of crunchy textures and energetic soundscapes. Following the successful release of their singles, I’m Not Alone and Victoria Avenue, their new E. P I Hope This Works for You (Cause It Does for Me) builds off the punchy catchy indie sound they have developed.

Dark Maneuvers opens the E. P, dragging us into Kill ’Em Charlie’s raw and uncompromising force-field. Setting the pace for the rest of the record, this track is laden with a hooky guitar riff that grabs your attention. Layered on top of a punchy beat and a thumping bassline, the track orbits into an earworm chorus which builds but never quite reaches a climax. After laying the perfect foundation Kill ‘Em Charlie dive into the melodic bang of I’m Not Alone leading with a twangy guitar sound, the track builds around a smooth vocal melody that erupts with into a choppy rock track with the abrupt rhythmic transitions creating an atmosphere of frustration. The laid-back charm offensive from the band comes with One Thing to Say. This tight vibrant indie track has its own summer swagger with the bass adding the funk and playfulness to Kill Em Charlie’s trademark sound of up-tempo scratchy guitars, driving drums, and lounge-like vocal melodies. Combining the funk of Sublime with a modern twist of The Strokes One Thing to Say is a highlight of the E. P, a perfect radio-friendly track with an almost bounce to its delivery.

This is a Proper Quarter Life Crisis, and Victoria Avenue perfectly wraps up the record. The momentum of the E. P builds to a crescendo with these two tracks steering the band’s tone towards a more electrically charged sound. A grittier tone comes through with Kill Em Charlie paying homage to their influences mixing galloping drums, stabbing chords and thumping basslines with anthemic vocals. There is a punk/garage feel to the tracks that still maintains the band’s refreshingly catchy sound.

With each song on the E.P showing a different side of the band’s personality, Kill ‘Em Charlie are a fiery shape-shifting force to be reckoned with. Available on all streaming platforms, I Hope This Works for You (Cause It Does for Me) is an impressive debut and a perfect tonic for the weekend.

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