Glenn Burke Returns With Be Kind

Be Kind

2020 has been a year of unpredictability, change, and upheaval, not only has COVID-19 forced us to find an alternative approach to living, but issues of discrimination and inclusivity shook the world. The events which took place in the US in June drove the Black Lives Matter movement back into the spotlight, albeit this time on a global scale revealing the power social media has over the world, during a time when we have become more disconnected than ever before. Inspired by this disastrous chain of events was Dublin singer-songwriter Glenn Burke, who retreated into his Batcave to carve out a message of unification in the form of his latest single Be Kind.
Released in September Be Kind embodies all the unfiltered emotions, sensitivity and spirit of the BLM movement. Accompanied by a melodic introspective piano melody, Glenn’s smooth vocals slide over this clean arrangement which slowly progresses into a memorable refrain of “Be Kind”. Produced and recorded by Stuart Gray of Jealoustown Studios, this track is the perfect follow up to Glenn’s previous single Blanket which dealt with the homeless crisis in Ireland. With a flair for creating reflective melodies with simmering tones, Glenn Burke has easily produced the perfect ode to a part of the BLM movement that seemed to be ignored amid all the hostility that was created around it.
Be Kind is available now on all streaming platforms, or you can just hit the big play below.

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